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Sylvia Schuyer, who lives in Rotterdam – the Netherlands is an international performer. Sylvia speaks several languages which enables her to perform a patter act in many different countries and to act as interpreter at numerous conventions worldwide.
Sylvia speaks English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and of course Dutch.

At a Magic Convention at the Casino Municipal in nice, Cote `d Azur, France,
she was acclaimed “Miss Magic”. Then came her change to put over her
unique act “Magic Under Water” on German Television doing magic
surrounded by little fishes and turtles.

Her experience shows that magic is a truly versatile form of entertainment for you can do it anywhere. She herself has proved this to be so for in addition to working in restaurants, theatres and other buildings she has also entertained on a train and on a coach taking a party of people from Hamburg to Berlin.
She frequently travels the oceans on cruise ships, and every year she is the Ringmaster of the Biggest International Circus in Holland.

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